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The Phantom is one of the four (or five in the Final Mix version) optional boss in Kingdom Hearts.

Why It Sucks

  1. The Curse is one of the worst time limits since Demyx from Kingdom Hearts II, it will effect at one of your party member until when it reached twelve at the Big Ben... it remove your partner and you cannot revived them! It's get even worse, when you had no partners you're been cursed and even worse your screwed and completely defenseless!
  2. As mentioned, the only way to stop the curse effect is to used the Stop spell at the Big Ben. It could work but there are two problems; first, while you flying around that you cannot tell which one is the real one that will wasting your time. Secondly it also wasting your MP that you're trying to use the Stop spell.
  3. You can attack it ONLY once which you have to wait for his attack and do it again.
  4. The Phantom moves too fast or far that you keep missing your physical or magic attacks causing to waste time and MP.
  5. You cannot guard since it's a flying battle.

Redeemable Qualities

  1. TBA.