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Kurasawa Level 2 is a mission on the winning path of the original mh:awesomegames:Wing Commander game. It is notorious within the fan community for being one of, if not the most, difficult levels in the game and possibly the whole series.


This mission is the second level in the ninth mission series. In it, players must defend a captured Kilrathi Ralari capital ship from being destroyed by Kilrathi forces. Between the Tiger's Claw carrier and the Ralari, there is a asteroid field which contain four Salthi fighters. The Ralari NAV point itself has four Gartha fighters attacking the Ralari. The goal is to destroy the enemy forces attacking the Ralari.

Why It Sucks

  1. To point out the elephant in the room, the mission is well known for its near impossible difficulty. In fact, it was intentionally designed to be this way. It was designed to supposed to make players lose so they can go on the losing path, much more so than the other missions. While having a mission to show players that you can't win every battle is a decent idea, it is incredibly poorly executed and makes completing the game with no failures much more difficult for completionists.
  2. The standard combat manuveres to pull the Gartha fighters away from the Ralari capital ship, such as using taunts, will not work in the mission. Most of the time, they will ignore the taunts and continue to hammer away at the capital ship.
  3. The asteroid field between the Tiger's Claw and the Ralari is meant to be a bait for players to get distracted so that their chances of saving the Ralari after the asteroid battle are completely ruined. While having a distraction is an okay idea, it frustrates players who are playing the level for the first time and punishes them unfairly for not even knowing that it's a distraction.
  4. While players are supposed to avoid the asteroid field and make a mad dash around it to reach the Ralari quicker, by the time they reach, their wingman could possibly be left behind halfway across the map, which is not good, as the player needs all of the extra help they can get.
  5. In addition, by the time the players reach the Fralthi, they will have lost a lot of their fuel and will run out quickly when ding combat manuveres such as slides to take out the enemies quicker.
  6. Another bad thing is that after getting to the Fralthi, it has taken enough damage so that saving it from the Kilrathi is nearly impossible.
  7. In addition, other for having an unfair distraction at the beginning, there isn't much to differentiate this mission from other "protect this ship" missions in the game.
  8. Finally, the success of the player winning can be entirly luck based at times. The player can do the exact same strategy every mission and finish the mission, but keep failing over and over when they re-attempt it.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The concept of having a level to show the players that they can't win every battle is a decent idea, but is is executed poorly here.
  2. Thankfully, once the player takes out Gartha fighters, they will not have to fight the Salthi in the minefield when they get back to the Tiger's Claw afterword. In fact, both the ships and the minefield will be gone, making the mission easier for the player.


While the Wing Commander series has been known for its good level design, this mission has been panned by both critics and Wing Commander fans. On the Wing Commander fan site Wing Commander CIC, many fans have shown their difficulty with the mission. One user by the name of Darth Servo has stated "I've flown that mission hundreds of times. I've only managed to save the Ralari once." Another user named f4greg said that the only way he was ever able to beat the mission was using a tool to slow down game speed.