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Blocked on suspicion of sockpuppetry:

Summary by DarkMatterMan4500

Talk page access revoked for abuse of talk page, and acting like a tough guy here.

DarkMatterMan4500 (talkcontribs)
Claxley Slyachek 4563 (talkcontribs)

Please, Stop this bad behavior you are having or else i will report you and make you are never to be allowed to be a staff member of reception wikis or DuchesstheSponge or MarioMario457 or DecidousWater534, You corrupt staff member Bureaucrat. Here are the problems with you: 1.Almost all the time Blocking Me for nonsensical reasons (EX:Making Alt Accounts, Replacing the “Real-Life” term with Nonfiction as a Term rival and complete opposite for Fiction and Adding Edits that are not part of your expectations) 2.Using Nonsensical Logic (EX:Thinking “Characters having flaws is a good thing”, Saying “Being a Mary-Sue and a Gary-Stu mean having no flaws”, Saying “Being Generic is automatically bad”, Thinking “A Character being perfect is always and automatically a bad thing especially when they are fantasized Nonfiction”, Saying “Excuses are okay”, thinking “Something or Somebody being Fictional would always or automatically make them fake”, and saying “Characters being relatable and sympathetic would them good”) 3.Hypocrisy. (EX:Saying Abuse is not okay when you and the other users are doing abuse yourself) 4.Erasing the Sensical edits i made such as “On the other hand by the Toxic Haters, Dogs are considered parasites and To have killed more people than other animals even though There are animals that have killed more people than Dogs and Dogs serve a good purpose for existence on earth and don’t live in people” on the Lies made about animals page, The “Story-Development” and Story” pointer part and Gameplay Parts and Gameplay Tropes Categories from the Boss Re-Fights/Boss Rematches and Boss Re-Skins page and the SEGA Category and The “Before battling him or Dr. Eggman” line from the Tails/Eggman Second Battle (Sonic Adventure 2) page) 5.Being an Immature Man-Baby by going after pages i worked on and starting Wars and drama with me became i made edits that aren’t part of your expectations. 6.Not taking Any Criticism for the bad choices you did and said.

Here are my suggestions to you and all the other corrupt staff members. First of all, Stop erasing and Stop touching The SEGA Category and the “Before battling him or Dr. Eggman” line because the SEGA Logo is always all capitalized no matter and the line i put is said in both the Hero and Dark Story of Sonic Adventure 2. Second of All, Be ashamed of your other actions and behavior because you just removed the Gameplay Parts and Gameplay Tropes categories and the “Story-Developing” and “Story” Pointer parts of the pointers and replaced them with the biased “Narrative” and “Storytelling” pointers even though Fictional Medias don’t tell, talk or do anything word related to those words and there would be no people narrating the story in the fictional media itself. 3rd of all, Fix and Change your logic. 4th of all, Stop going after pages edited because i made edits that are not part of your expectations. 5th of all, Be a mature man and 6th of all, Take responsibility for what you have done and said.

DarkMatterMan4500 (talkcontribs)

Not even going to waste my time even with this quacking response. Socking won't get you anywhere, and do us all a favor and stop creating new accounts to avoid scrutiny and detection. P.S. Talk page access revoked for an overwhelming amount of quacking abuse and behavioral evidence shown in your response. :) DarkMatterMan4500 (talk) 01:25, 17 September 2021 (UTC)

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