Vauban (Warframe)

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Vauban is an engineer-themed warframe from Warframe, and most of its abilities relies about trapping modules to cause havoc.

Although not terrible, many fans considers Vauban to be the weakest warframe, in comparison to other warframes.

While good on paper, his execution isn't well done properly.

Why He Partially Sucks

  1. Unlike the other warframes, to manage to get Vauban's parts (Neuroptics, Chassis and Systems), you were forced to wait for a specific alert that drops his parts (after the nightwave update which replaces the alerts you will be forced to purchase them from nightwave store using its specialized credits).
  2. His previous first and second ability weren't really useful:
    1. His first ability allowed Vauban to throw a Tesla, which could be charged for more status chance. However, it wasn't very strong against powerful enemies.
    2. While his second ability cycled between a bounce trap, a trip laser, a shred grenade and a concuss grenade, the player couldn't know on which situation they became handy.
  3. At start, he's slightly fragile. It doesn't help that his starting shields are 75..
  4. His prime version is slightly better, but has problems as well:
    1. First of all, all of Vauban's parts are RARE. INCLUDING HIS BLUEPRINT.
      • The bitter thing about Vauban Prime's rarity, is that every other primes has either 1-2 parts rare, and the rest of them are either uncommon or common.
    2. He requires 5 Nitain Extracts per part, including Blueprint too. The reason is a problem, is because Nitain Extract is very rare. In fact, the only way to obtain that material, was to wait four hours for the alerts that has said material, or a grindfest at Sabotage missions, Orokin Sabotage missions, Plato and Dakata (respectively Lua's Crossfire mission and Kuva Fortress's Exterminate mission) or Ghoul Bounties.
      • By the inclusion of nightwave, the alerts that appeared four hours got removed, and now the player can purchase 5 Nitain Extract with 15 Creds. However, Creds themself are obtained by certain ranks, which requires at least 10k of standing for each one.
    3. He also require Oxium and Cryotic, respectively 7000 and 9000 units. This means that the player is forced to play excavation a lot, as well as farming Oxium Ospreys (which are the ways to obtain respectively Cryotic and Oxium).
    4. The only improvement that has Vauban Prime over Vauban is 25 more shields, 50 more armor, and a Vazarin polarity.
  5. While his passive ability allows Vauban to deal 25% more damage on incapacitated enemies, his second and fourth ability doesn't affect certain enemies.
    • Before his passive change, the previous one increased Vauban's armor for each player, which was situational at best.
  6. Somewhat wasted potential: Vauban could use better traps, use other technologies (like a reflecting barrier field, a turret or a disruptor device), or have his 1st ability cycle through other status type of traps, like a flamethrower, a toxic gas or a freezing beam.
  7. While his rework makes him better, some parts aren't well received, such as the Vector Pad and the cast speed being increased.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Vauban's design is pretty good, including his prime variant.
    • Even his deluxe skins and tennogen skins has a cool design.
  2. His third and fourth abilities, respectively Bastille and Vortex, are quite decent.
    • As Bastille merged with Vortex, his third ability became Photon Strike, which is good.
  3. Vauban Prime's signature weapons are the Fragor Prime and the Akstiletto Prime, respectively an hammer with an high critical chance (which allows it to gain red critical hits if using a maxed Blood Rush with a combo of Berserker, True Steel, Drifting Contact/Body Count and Naramon's passive), and a sidearm with a 30% status chance and very large ammo pool.
  4. He gained the name of "Booben" by many fans, including the Warframe staff.
  5. By the introduction of Nightwave, Vauban's parts can now be obtained by spending 25 creds.
  6. Thankfully, on June 2019, Vauban was confirmed to get a rework.
    • Speaking of WIS#06, its reworked kit includes tesla drones, a sticky ripline, nail grenade, speed booster and damage amplifier, an orbital strike beacon and a bastille that can strip armor and turn into vortex, which is much better.
    • After Warframe got revised, Vauban's armor became 150, with Vauban Prime following at 200, which is somewhat helpful.