Wacky Workbench (Sonic CD)

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Wacky Workbench (Sonic CD)
How can we roll around at the speed of sound when we get motion sickness?
Type: Level
Appearance: mh:awesomegames:Sonic CD
Franchise: Sonic the Hedgehog
Previous Level: Quartz Quadrant
Next Level: Stardust Speedway

Wacky Workbench is a zone is mh:awesomegames:Sonic CD. It is the 5th zone in the game preceding Quartz Quadrant and is succeeded by Stardust Speedway. It takes place in a warehouse-clad area found on Little Planet and is home to many dangerous and strange obstacles. This zone is infamous among fans for its qualities.

Why It's Wacky (in a bad way)

  1. The main gimmick is that there are several checkered bouncy trampolines on the floor, landing on them will bounce you high up into the air. The main problem is that when you jump, you jump all the way up to the ceiling and you need to climb your way down risking yourself to avoid the danger of enemies and hazards.
  2. The stage's secondary gimmick is that there is a grid of electric nodes that periodically zap electricity, turning several parts of the area into a danger zone, due to the previously mentioned trampoline gimmick. It's very easy to land into these clusters of nodes and possibly gain unfair damage.
  3. To add to that there are several ice vents that freeze you and you need to mash the buttons to free yourself or you might as well take damage. The problem with these are that since the aforementioned trampoline floor makes you bounce extremely high, you may be able to hit these vents and the surprise factor can affect your reaction to trying to unfreeze yourself.
  4. Its focus on vertical structure makes it difficult to maneuver around the course.
  5. When you get crushed by piston crushers, instead of a one hit kill, they take you to an alternate route. Not only is this never specified aside from the clue that there are always gaps under the crushers, but it is obligatory to use one of them to find the robot generator.
  6. Minor quality: Out of all the colors to make the past, why spinach green? It makes little to no sense as it's not the earth that is green, but it's the metal.
  7. Overall, it's a confusing and frankly random level that grinds the pacing to a halt at some areas.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Amazing music for all timezones (Like usual). Highlights include the US Present and JP Bad Future.
  2. The good future removes the electrical nodes making it easier to navigate.
  3. The boss in the end is decently creative (Albeit easy).
  4. Despite the bad design, the gimmicks themselves are clever and unique, it's just the fact that there are too many of them to the point where you can be overwhelmed by the sheer chaos on screen.
    • The ice vents and electric node gimmicks will work out far better in Press Garden Act 2 and Flying Battery Act 2 respectively from Sonic Mania.


Their is an angel statue that gives four rings hidden in this zone in the past, but in the bad future, an exploding Eggman statue takes it's place.


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