Wargoyle (Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance)

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Wargoyle is the boss of La Cité des Cloches in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Wargoyle is summoned by Claude Frollo and fought by Sora and Riku. Wargoyle is also encountered when returning to traverse Town as part of a boss rush. While this boss isn't out right awful, he is a bit infamous for his qualities in the story.

Why he sucks

  1. What's probably the most infamous part about Wargoyle is how he is portrayed in story mode, you fight him instead of Frollo! You know, one of the darkest villain in the Disney franchise?! Now granted, it is a similar case with some previous Disney villains, but this is still not an excuse. Even Clayton, the main antagonist of Tarzan who isn't as popular as some Disney villains, gets fought!
  2. Wargoyle is a slight difficulty spike as you fight him very early in the game, so you won't have that many good moves or abilities.
  3. Wargoyle has attacks that are hard to dodge and crazy frequent, and you likely won't have any counter moves to deal with it.
  4. Wargoyle has an attack were he can unleash ground shock waves at Sora/Riku, not only can this attack deal high damage, but it can also push you back and stun you, and the worst part is, he can straght up abuse the attack.
  5. The rematch with Wargoyle in traverse town were it take place in an even smaller arena making his attacks even harder to avoid.
  6. You have to fight Wargoyle - not counting the secret portals post game - three times: Twice as Sora, Once as Riku.
  7. Due to the game's Drop System mechanic, if the Drop gauge empties, you change character and when you have the occasion of returning to this boss' location you have to fight him again at full health, regardless of how much health he had before dropping.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Wargoyle’s design is freaking awesome.
  2. At least the music’s good.