Weeping Dunes (The Battle Cats)

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Weeping Dunes is a level from the mobile game The Battle Cats. It's the third stage of the the 32nd sub-chapter, Kombu Kape, from Stories of Legend.

Why It Sucks

  1. Economic and unfair enemy selection. All the menaces have long range plus area attack.
  2. The level starts with spawning two random Mooths, and nothing helps them. Why starting a level with two weak and unprotected nukers? If they are here for money, why the second is summon almost simultaneously with the first instead of being summoned later, counting the fact that is a draining money level?
  3. There aren't any peons that might help you with the money. Mooth is the only reliable money source, and it is summoned at the beginning. The other enemies have a decent drop, but require pretty high damage for taking down themself.
  4. In this level you'll fight Henry, you know, one of worst enemy of the game. It's already bad encountering it in a level, now imagine fighting two of them, with the presence of lot's of annoying knockback threats and the money issues.
  5. H. Nahs are at the absolute worst here, because they continuously knockback your units before completing their attack animations. Three are also too much in this context.
  6. Tackeys' presence is unecessary, because also without them the level is a pain. They make the stage even worse.
  7. The base has too much Hp.


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