Welcome to Planktopolis Minions (The Spongebob Squarepants Movie Video game)

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Geez, as if Metropolis Zone from Sonic 2 or Heat man from Mega Man 2 weren’t hard enough stages.

Welcome to Planktopolis Minions” is a level in The Spongebob Squarepants Movie game, and it's overall the 16th level of the entire game.

This level has been criticized by many, and it is considered infamous for its bad qualities.

Why it Sucks

  1. This whole level (along with its next level) is COMPLETELY unnecessary, because in the movie that this game is based on, spongebob and Patrick just get launched from David hasselholf’s abs, and they go directly into the Krusty Krab, making it feel like a filler level.
  2. The enemy placements are rather cheap.
    • An example is in one part where you have to walk jump in order to get to the other side. But the problem lies to the fact that there's two flying enemies on the other side that shoot missiles at you from afar.
    • Said two enemies are also really difficult to hit with the guitar attack.
  3. Speaking of the guitar attack, there is an attack where spongebob can fire a projectile from playing an electric guitar. However you need to have a lot of goofy gubber tokens to obtain it, so unless you’ve skipped a challenge in one of the previous levels, you either have to replay one of them in order to get some, or play some of the patty wagon, or sliding levels.
  4. The game itself maybe prone to glitches (especially if you’re playing the PlayStation 3 version) so unless you save the game, you’re screwed.
  5. In one part of the level there is actually a matching game where you have to push all the right buttons. However, it relies too much on trial and error, because if you get too many wrong the lava will rise up, and all the platforms will disappear.
  6. In some parts of the level there are giant statues of plankton, which will attack you by either shooting fireballs at you, or by shooting lightning at you. To destroy them you have to fire your guitar attacks in their eyes when they're open, but it's easier said than done, since they’ll always close their eyes whenever they’re done attacking.
    • On top of this, there's one part where you are on a floating conveyor belt, and if you’re not quick enough, you could get pushed right off, catching you off guard.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Planktopolis’ design as a level is pretty awesome.
  2. There’s one easy challenge hidden in this level.
  3. As with most levels in the game, you get rewarded with a goofy gubber token at the end. not to mention you get to watch a cutscene after you’ve destroyed the statues.
  4. Thankfully there is no Game Over, which means that can go through trial and error all you want.


  1. If the flying enemies happen to fire missiles at you, hit them back, because it is a much faster and easier way to kill them.
  2. Be sure you have plenty of goofy gubber tokens, as well as a lot of health
  3. Upgrade ALL your attacks and health, especially the guitar one