Wheel Gator/Dinosaur Tank (Mega Man X2)

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Wheel Gator is one of the 8 Mavericks of mh:awesomegames:Mega Man X2, with Dinosaur Tank being his stage.

Wheel Gator is considered by fans to be one of if not the worst X2 Maverick, due to his stage, boss fight, theme, and weapon all being underwhelming.

Why Wheel Gator and His Stage Should Spin Out Of Here

  1. The stage has a simplistic design, with barely any platforming or enemy challenges.
  2. The Arm Parts are placed in an annoying spot, as only skilled players can grab the Arm Parts with Wire Sponge's Strike Chain, and getting it with the air-dash requires a revisit as said item requires Wheel Gator's own weapon, the Spin Wheel, to obtain.
  3. The Life Up either requires a charged Speed Burner (trivialized if the player goes to Flame Stag before here and gets the Arm Parts), or damage boost with the enemy fire to jump up the spiked wall, but players need a fast reaction time to do the latter.
  4. The screen shakes a lot to give the illusion of the tank rampaging through the city, but it disorients players.
  5. His background music theme is perhaps the worst piece from X2's OST, as it attempts to replicate techno-metal, but the frantic, screeching instrumentation adds onto the headache effect that the screen shake contributes.
  6. The boss battle is a tedious test of patience as Wheel Gator tends to frequently submerge himself in the sludge, send Spin Wheels that travel along the ground, and attempt to jump up and bite X. After 16 HP (50%), he will drill into the walls to make parts of it hazardous for X to kick off of.
  7. Wheel Gator is one of the few bosses whose weakness creates more problems than solving them. The Strike Chain can stunlock him and only skilled players can inflict Spark Mandrill Syndrome on him, but one slip and he submerges himself in the sludge again. It is recommended to use the X-Buster both times on him (or the Shoryuken in the Boss Rush).
  8. The Spin Wheel is an underwhelming weapon as it shoots a bladed wheel that can carve through terrain, as well as immobilize and multi-hit enemies, bosses, and mini-bosses. Its charged shot sends an 8-way burst shot. However, its uses are limited outside of those besides getting certain items (Foot and Body Parts), as well as a weakness against Bubble Crab.

Wheel-deeming Qualities

  1. Wheel Gator's design is fantastic, with an alligator's scales accurately being represented with triangular mechanical segments, his accurate and appealing color palette, and his physical build representing his aggressive, destructive personality.
  2. Mega Man Xtreme fixes certain problems with the stage, fight, and aesthetics.
    1. Wheel Gator's new weakness - Magna Centipede's Magnet Mine - no longer causes a weakness reaction of him submerging in the sludge.
    2. The boss fight in general made much more manageable as he can be defeated even easier with the rapid-fire option turned on
    3. The Zero Rising Scramble Program (Arm Parts on a new Hard Mode, cannot be obtained in Xtreme mode without the Arm Parts first) is now reachable with a simple Foot Part-enhanced wall kick.
    4. The charged Rolling Shield allows for the Life Up to be picked up more easily due to its spike immunity.
    5. The screen no longer shakes
    6. The theme sounds much easier on the ears, despite being downsampled to Game Boy Color limitations.




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