Whispy Woods (Team Kirby Clash and Super Kirby Clash)

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Whispy Woods is a boss in Team Kirby Clash and Super Kirby Clash. While he is one of the easiest bosses in the franchise, he became a pain in this game.

The bane of existense for every Kirby Clash fan.

Why He Sucks

  1. He has went from being plain ace and joke boss to a troll boss. He is super annoying and broken.
  2. He can jump into the background like Pyribbit.
  3. His Tougher form really dosen't help, as he can now drop Gordos as well as caterpillars.
  4. His caterpillars and apples are hard to dodge, thankfully Kirby can fight them back, but Gordos do not flinch and cannot be killed, so enjoy fighting Whispy and his Gordo friends.
  5. Of course, since the caterpillars, apples and Gordos are hard to dodge, Kirby cannot attack ranged or up close, so he must have VERY good reflexes.
  6. His "appearing" animation is laughably bad, since he stretches his face.
  7. If you make him angry things get WORSE. He becomes TWICE as big as his normal size, to the point where he becomes as big as Giga Bowser.
  8. His Cloud Breath attack splits into half in his Tougher form, making it annoying.
  9. Wasted Potential: His Tougher form uses the same design instead of his Whispy's Revenge form.
  10. One of his attacks involve him jumping in the middle of the battlefield and seperating Team Kirby, and if a party member is dead, you cannot go through Whispy and you have to wait.
  11. Since Whispy jumps into the background, you can only attack him when he jumps into the battlefield, but he leaves you a little bit of time, which is a salt-to-the-wound moment.
  12. Also, how can he jump into the background when trees stay in one spot???

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His defeated cutscene is awesome, as he gets hit by his own apples, which is a marvelous payback to that nuisance and a taste of that nuisance's medicine.
  2. Awesome music.


  • As the picture you saw describes, you can use powerful gear to make him an ace battle again.