Whispy Woods Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

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Whispy Woods is a Ace-Type spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The spirit battle pits you against 5 Kirby AIs. It is arguably one of the worst spirit battles in-game.

A popular Kirby character in an ugly time.

Why It Sucks

  1. Like the infamous Rick spirit battle, you have to rely on the Star Blocks. But, instead of standing on them you have to go left and stand in front of them since there is infinite heavy wind. Try that fighting a whopping 5 Kirby AIs.
  2. The stage the battle takes place on, Green Greens, is incredibly small and has a little bit of space to run around.
  3. Sometimes, the Kirby AIs will break the Star Blocks. Remeber, there is only 2 Star Block spawn areas, so defend them at all costs.
  4. The Bomb Blocks are annoying, as if the Kirbys break it, you lose some Star Blocks.
  5. Wasted Potential: They could have added a superboss AI at the end, like a giant Mario in green which resembles Whispy, but they just pick 5 red Kirbys that resemble Whispy's apples.
  6. Whispy in the background is another annoying hazard, as he will try to blow you away, and sometimes even blow you into the Kirby AIs attacks.
  7. It's ability, Fire Weakness, makes you weak to fire attacks.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. It's worth sparing from the unbearable pain considering that it is a Shield-Type, and becomes super good at Lvl. 99, despite WIS#7.


  1. Use a Wind-Immunity spirit, as it can make you immune to the heavy wind as well as Whispy's blow.
  2. Use Sonic, as he is one of the fastest characters in-game, and can outrun strong winds.