Yiazmat (Final Fantasy XII)

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Ok, optional super bosses were always meant to be hard, but not THIS hard!

Yiazmat is a large dragon-like beast that appears in Final Fantasy 12 as an optional super boss the game. Ever sense his appearance, Yiazmat has been infamous by fans for his extreme high difficulty, and since then has been deemed by many players as one of the hardest bosses in gaming history, but for entirely wrong reasons.

Why He Sucks

  1. What's probably the most infamous part about Yiazmat is his health, you might have noticed the pink bars at the bottom, in Final Fantasy 12, each segment of a bar represents 1,000,000 HP. Yiazmat has over 50 bars of health, so in other words... Yiazmat has 50,000,000 HP!
  2. Being a super boss, Yiazmat can do insanely high damage.
  3. In addition to his high attack power, Yiazmat also has an arsenal of KO attacks.
  4. Yaizmat can also rise its stats to do even more damage.
  5. During the first phase of the battle, you can do up to 9999 damage, but when Yiazmat is down to half health, your attack power (for some unexplained reason) will go down to 6999. So in other words it takes 6000 hits to defeat him.
  6. Throughout the arena there are many traps that can inflict annoying status elements on both you and your party.
  7. In the final stages of the fight, Yiazmat will cast a very nasty spell, that being Reflectga, and not only can it reflect offensive spells, it can also reflect healing spells. If Renew gets reflect of the party, it will heal Yiazmat to FULL health effectively rendering all of the hard work completely wasted!
  8. Unfortunately for the completionists, Yiazmat is a boss that must be beaten if one is going for 100% completion.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Yiazmat has a really cool design.
  2. Despite the extremely frustrating difficulty, this battle lets you leave the arena, save at a save zone close to were Yiazmat is, restock on items, fully heal, and then continue to battle Yiazmat with no loss in progress. So if Yiazmat just so happens to reflect Renew to recover all of his health, then you can simply restart the game!


  • In Joshscorcher's "Top Ten Most Annoying Bosses" video, he says that this boss took him 4 hours to beat.
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