Zeena (Sonic Lost World)

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Note: This page will talk about the 3DS version of Zeena

Zeena is one of the main antagonists of Sonic Lost World. She is the boss of the frozen factory. Her boss fight however is very bad.

Why She Sucks

  1. The process of defeating Zeena is absolutely horrendous as you need to hit the snowman Zeena is on 3 times to get the ivory lightning.
  2. The snowman robots Zeena shoots out are annoying and unfortunately they are a part of the process of beating this boss.
  3. During the battle there is a blizzard partaking that's blowing in the direction away from Zeena, which means even if your holding the dash button your still going to go really slow.
  4. Irritating Ice Physics.
  5. Even when you do get the ivory lightning ability and despite all of the annoying factors of the fight, all of which make a chore to even get any damage done Zeena goes down in 2 hits which makes the battle very unsatisfying.
  6. While the orchestrated remix of the Deadly Six theme is awesome, it only plays for the Zeena and Zor battles which are easily the two worst bosses in the game.


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