Zero Isle (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers)

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Zero Isle is an island that consist of four-five dungeons (North, West, East and South in all versions, Center on the Sky version), and it's unlocked by talking to Team AWD, after completing Mystifying Forest. Like Purity Forest and Destiny Tower, Isle Zero's parts are well know to be the hardest dungeons.

Why it Sucks

All Versions

  1. Like the dungeons from the previous games (where they give you restrictions such as bringing a pokemon that has a certain HM learned or said HM, or reducing the team's level by 1), Isle Zero will put restriction to your team as well.
    1. Zero Isle North will prevent the player to gain experience points. This is more tedious by the fact that the Pokemons you meet inside has higher levels, and some of them are unevolved pokemons (In fact, Shellos will spawn between floor 41-49, and his level will range to 86 to 89. We aren't making this up).
    2. Zero Isle East will reduce the team's level to 1 (which will return normal upon exiting, failing or completing the dungeon), and every item after the 16th one will be removed, limiting your space.
    3. Zero Isle West shares almost all the same problem with the East one, but the only change is that you lose all your items in the treasure bag upon entering the dungeon.
    4. Zero Isle South is the worst, as it forces the player to bring only the leader (with his level reduced to 1) and erases all items and pokés upon entering the dungeon.
  2. With the inclusion of pokemon like Hippowdon, Tyranitar and Abomasnow, it's more likely that a sandstorm or an hail will hit the floor where they are present, due to their abilities.
  3. In all of the Zero Isle's parts, you can't recruit pokemons at all.
  4. While the East and West's parts of Zero Isle starts with 40 floors, the North part has 75 floors, while the South one has 99 FLOORS.
  5. The rewards from the South and East parts of Zero Isle are awful. While the East one has a White Silk (not only is pointless because you can get it with a mail made on a wonder mail generator, but it's the only way to get the Joy Globe), the South is only a deluxe box that contains a Joy Seed or a Life Seed. What's the point of wasting time going on 99 floors, if your reward will be just a box that has a seed that increases your level or your HP?
  6. Unless you have Pokemons that can learn good IQ powers, like Palkia or Darkrai, you will have difficulties to complete the dungeons.

Sky Version

  1. To get to the Center part of Zero Isle, you have to recycle 150 items to Spinda's Café.
  2. Zero Isle Center's restrictions are similar to the North and East ones (no experience points from defeating pokemons and only 16 items allowed), however, you can't call for rescue upon defeat, and any trap can't be revealed by a regular attack.
  3. Speaking of Traps, if you hated Summon Traps, Pokemon Traps, Sticky Traps and PP-Zero Traps (which respectively summons pokémons near you, transform items and poké into a pokemon, render an item sticky and remove PP on a random move), then you will hate Grudge Traps and Random Traps even more, as their function is to respectively warp all the wild pokemons and give them the grudge status (which removes PP on the last move used) and create a random effect of a trap.
    • Also, as said before, you can't reveal any traps by normal attacks, so the only chance to find them is to have the Goggle Specs equipped.
  4. Zero Isle Center has 50 floors, but all the pokemon you will meet has 850 IQ, as well as being from level 90 to level 99 (that includes unevolved pokemon, except Togepi). This means that even pokemons that are powerful, such as Palkia, would struggle to beat the level
    • Speaking of IQ, Meganium, Charizard, Empoleon, Swampert, Dragonite, Altaria, Gible, Gabite and Garchomp, the pokemons that will appear in this dungeon, will have the respective move that can be learnt by IQ. This means you will deal with Draco Meteor (a move that hits every pokemon in a room), Hydro Cannon (a move that fires a projectile), Blast Burn (a move that can hit pokemons that surrounds the user) and Frenzy Plant.
    • While Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant and Hydro Cannon does stop the user, Draco Meteor only reduces the special attack by 2.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Zero Isle turns into a normal dungeon on Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, and has Giratina as the boss of the area.

All Versions

  1. The rewards from Zero Isle North are nice, as it gives the Wonder Gummi, a gummi that heavily increses the IQ of a Pokemon, regardless of the type.
  2. Zero Isle is 100% optional.
  3. Many exclusive items that are inside sealed chambers.

Sky Version

  1. The rewards are four boxes with the exclusive item for the pokemon that the team brought, which is nice.
  2. Zero Isle Center uses several layouts from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team & Blue Rescue Team, which can bring some memories.