Zombie Hydra (Epic Battle Fantasy 5)

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NOTE: The page will talk about the fifth installment's version (to be also precise, the steam version).

The Zombie Hydra is a boss from the Epic Battle Fantasy saga. In the second and fifth installment, it's a main boss that is required to be fought, while on the fourth, is optional.

File:EBF5 Zombie Hydra.png
You know what's worse than a boss? A boss that if doesn't have all of its parts destroyed, it will return.

Why it Sucks

  1. If you don't kill all of its heads, the destroyed head(s) will return with all of its health.
  2. Damaging the Zombie Hydra strongly enough to detach its head will increase its evasion, making it hard to be damaged.
  3. Dark attacks/summons/skills heals the Zombie Hydra. It's also immune to freeze and doom/death status effects
  4. Many of the Zombie Hydra's attacks are Dark and Fire related, so unless Matt/Natalie/Anna/Lance/Nolegs has enough dark/fire resistance to nullify or heal the damage, it will be difficult.
  5. Some of Zombie Hydra's attacks causes Death status (which will instantly kill Matt/Natalie/Anna/Lance/Nolegs), so unless you don't have anything that give Doom/Death resistance, you will have an hard time using revives.
  6. On Hard and Epic difficulty, it will use three dark attacks.
  7. It's very hard to capture, unless you debuff and inflict status effects on it.
  8. One of its moves, Sacrifice, will cause Doom and reduce your health, as well as inflicting damage to all.
  9. On The Rapture, you have to fight three of them.
    • To get one specific achievement, you need to defeat them on Epic difficulty.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The Zombie Hydra's design is awesome.
  2. Its summon is very good, dealing death to all enemies (or a destructive dark physical damage, if they resist that).