Zor (Sonic Lost World)

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Note:This page will talk about the 3DS version of Zor.

Zor is one of the main antagonists of Sonic Lost World. His fight is infamous for its qualities.

Why He Sucks

  1. Zor will fly off on top of his robotic owl off screen you on a time limit however as Zor will be charging an attack. You will have to jump into the cannon in the center of the arena and use gyroscope controls to aim at Zor, this easier said then done however as fake owl robots will surround you from all directions.
  2. Speaking of Gyroscope controls if you are in a car and your fighting this boss using the gyroscope controls to face Zor could really hurt your back.
  3. To make matters worse you fight Zor TWICE. The second time you face will be at lava mountain.
  4. The Orchestrated remix of the Deadly six theme while it's epic it doesn't fit for this awful boss.


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